MS Wildlife Habitat and Forest Ecology

The Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Oklahoma State University is seeking qualified individuals to work on a research project looking at the effects of fire return interval and timber harvesting on wildlife habitat and forest ecology. The position will be filled at the M.S.

RESEARCH AREA: The forest-grassland ecotone in the southcentral US is the tension zone between the eastern deciduous forest and the southern Great Plains. Active management of these systems using prescribed fire and forest thinning can improve wildlife habitat for game and nongame species by altering vegetation structure and composition.  Research will take advantage of a long-term study site with different fire return intervals and forest thinning to determine the effects of management on deer habitat.  The study site is in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma which is a mix of shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata) and post oak (Quercus stellata) dominated forest/savanna and tallgrass prairie.  This research is part of a larger USDA funded project to determine how management and climate variability alter productivity and value for different mixes of timber, wildlife, and cattle grazing.

STIPEND: A graduate research assistantship of $15,500 for M.S. annually for a half-time appointment. Benefits include resident and non-resident tuition waiver and student health insurance at $20 per month (for student only, family coverage available for an additional fee).

BACKGROUND CHECKS:  Oklahoma State University requires background checks for all newly hired graduate assistants/associates.  Background checks shall be required prior to employment (post-offer, pre-employment).


DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS: B.S. in plant biology, wildlife biology, forestry, ecology, or related degree.  Plant identification skills or aptitude are necessary.  If applicable, a minimum grade point average of 2.80 (A = 4.00) and acceptable GRE scores are required.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Interested individuals should contact:

Dr. Rodney Will
008C Agricultural Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078

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