bog turtle graduate position

M.S.  Graduate Assistantship on Bog Turtle Conservation Planning 
A graduate position for a master’s student will be available Fall 2018.  The student would sample potential habitat for bog turtles in southwestern Virginia using an occupancy modeling framework, and estimate changes over time in population size and growth rates, using a previously developed GIS model and a long-term mark-recapture database.  Major goals are to work closely with state agency personnel to develop a conservation plan based on trends in land use and human population growth and to improve our understanding of wetland size and connectivity required to maintain viable populations of bog turtles.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries & Wildlife, Ecology, or related fields.  Successful applicants typically have an undergraduate GPA above 3.3, strong quantitative and writing skills, and GREs above 50th percentile. Experience with conservation planning, demographic analyses, occupancy modeling, wetland habitats, and/or GIS is desirable, as is having previous scientific publications.
Anticipated starting date: August 2018
To apply: Applicants should submit a letter of interest and a c.v. (including undergraduate and M.S. grade point average and GRE scores) as well as contact information for three references.  Letters of interest received by June 6th will ensure full consideration but applications will be considered until position is filled.  Promising candidates will need to submit an official application to the graduate school at Virginia Tech (  Contact information:  Dr. Carola A. Haas, Department of Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences, Mail Code 0321, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24060,, 1-540-231-9269.  Please put “bog turtle graduate position” in subject line of emails to Professor Haas.