National Park Service physical science technician position

Good morning,
The National Park Service’s Northeast Temperate Inventory and Monitoring network is hiring a physical science technician based at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park (Woodstock, VT) to conduct monthly water quality monitoring in 10 parks located from NH south to NJ.  The technician will take field measurements of water quality parameters such as pH, conductivity, temperature, clarity, dissolved oxygen, and water quantity (lake water level, stream discharge) in park lakes and streams. The technician will also collect water samples from lakes and streams for chemical analysis at contract labs. The position involves calibrating and maintaining equipment in field and lab sites, conducting simple laboratory analyses, entering information into electronic databases and spreadsheets, compiling and analyzing information for use in interim and annual reports.
This is a seasonal position not to exceed 1039 hours or about 6 months. Once the seasonal duty is over this position will likely be filled as a permanent career seasonal position.
I would appreciate it if you could please share the announcement widely. The announcement is open until 5/22/2018. Please let me know if you have questions.