Graduate position: UNorthDakota.AncientGenomes

U. North Dakota. Computational analysis of ancient and environmental
genomes.  The Laboratory of Human and Forensic Genetics at the University
of North Dakota ( is inviting applications from potential
graduate students who purs ue the MS or PhD degree.

A student will be engaged to a project on computational analysis of
ancient and environmental genomes from the American Midwest, Eurasia,
and Africa. It is a collaborative effort with institutions in the
U.S. and the world. This cross-disciplinary project represents an
opportunity to get intensive hands-on training in the methods of ancient
DNA analyses including next-generation sequencing, computational biology
and statistical modelling.

Candidates should demonstrate motivation for hard laboratory work and
strong interest in genomics and computational biology. Preference will be
given to candidates with a proven record of computational analysis and
bioinformatics skills. Additional experience in sequencing technologies
is a plus.

If you are interested you need to apply to the University
of North Dakota Biology Graduate Program using the regular
procedure that can be found in the UND Graduate School website:

The additional information can be also found in the Biology Department

The position starts in August 2018. To receive full consideration,
applications and required materials should be received by the Biology
Graduate Program by Feb ruary 15, 2018.

Potential graduate students are strongly encouraged to make contact with
Dr. Igor Ovchinnikov. Contact information: