PhD in community assembly, food web structure, and ecosystem metabolism in riverine rock pools

Dr. James Vonesh (Aquatic Community Ecology; and Dr. Paul Bukaveckas (Aquatic Ecosystem Ecology; are interested in recruiting a PhD student through Virginia Commonwealth University=92s Integrative Life Science PhD Program ( in-integrative-life-sciences/) to collaborate on research aimed at understanding  processes that shape community assembly and food web structure and how these, in turn, influence ecosystem metabolism.  Our study system is a population (>500) of riverine rock pools along the James River which vary in community composition and their dependence on allochthonous and autochthonous inputs ( This student will also participate in K12 educational outreach activities focused around the rock pools ( The ILS PhD program offers 5 years of support in total, including 2 years RA support. VCU is a premier urban, public research university located in Richmond, Virginia along the James River ( Richmond is a vibrant city with an excellent balance of urban and outdoor life ( Preference will be given to applicants that already have a Masters degree in a relevant field. For more information contact James Vonesh at