field technician position available immediately

A field technician position is available immediately in the lab of Dr. Brian Allan ( at the University of Illinois. The position will be based in Gainesville, Florida, as part of a Department of Defense-funded project to explore the potential effects of climate change on plant invasions, fire dynamics, and tick-borne disease risk on military installations in the southeastern United States. The project specifically seeks to address the feedbacks between plant invasions and fire ecology, how climate change may alter these dynamics, and the consequences for human risk of exposure to tick-borne diseases. The field technician will join an existing research team and travel to military installations in the southeast to conduct field work in August and September.¬†The position is available immediately but starting no later than August 1 and may extend through the fall depending on the interests and skills of the hired technician.¬†Candidates are expected to have completed a Bachelor’s degree by the time of employment, though candidates who have completed an M.S. are encouraged to apply. If interested, please contact Brian Allan ( to discuss availability and skills and expertise relevant to the project.