Field Tech- UC Berkeley Eel River Critical Zone Observatory

Lab Assistant 2
Eel River Critical Zone Observatory

The Eel River Critical Zone Observatory (ER CZO) at UC Berkeley is seeking a motivated, independent Lab Assistant 2 (working title: field technician) to join our research group. The position is to assist with data collection and data entry for the ER CZO, and includes regular travel to field sites at the Angelo Coast Range Reserve and Sagehorn Ranch in Mendocino county. The Lab Assistant will provide critical support to ongoing research projects and will assist graduate students and faculty researchers collect and maintain data at the ER CZO. The primary responsibility of the Lab Assistant is to lead field campaigns focused on geochemical sampling of groundwater and water extracted from a vadose zone monitoring system (VMS). The purpose of the VMS is to evaluate the flow paths, residence time, and geochemical evolution of water through the critical zone and its importance to driving ecologic processes and critical zone evolution. The Lab Assistant will conduct water sampling, geochemical measurements, and geophysical surveying at multiple field sites at regular 2-week intervals. The appointment is through Dec. 31st 2018, with the possibility of renewal.
Salary and benefits: This is a full-time, hourly position with benefits. Salary is $20.25/hr.
Required Qualifications:
Driver=92s license. Demonstrated field experience and basic computer skills. Must effectively work in groups and independently, sometimes in difficult field conditions.
Preferred Qualifications:
Willingness and ability to adapt to changing project needs. Professional demeanor and good interpersonal and leadership skills.

Interested applicants should send a CV/resume to Sarah Roy (ER CZO Project Coordinator) at Please indicate when you are available to start. You may also contact this email address with any questions regarding the position.