REU Opportunity at UC Santa Barbara

REU Opportunity at UC Santa Barbara this summer. For full consideration please apply by April 15, 2017.

A full time, three month REU internship is available as soon as May 2017. Successful applicants will assist the Santa Barbara Coastal Long Term Ecological Research project (SBC LTER, based at UC Santa Barbara=92s Marine Science Institute) in its investigations of factors influencing the availability and utilization of various dissolved nitrogen species by macroalgae (and phytoplankton) in giant kelp forests off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. The project is an excellent opportunity to apply concepts of general chemistry and biology to answer fundamental questions about the functioning of important, sensitive coastal ecosystems.

Specific duties may include: (1) assisting with manipulative experiments (lab or field) focused on understanding the physiology of nitrogen use by giant kelp and phytoplankton; (2) determination of enzyme activities within macroalgal tissues; (3) laboratory processing of seawater samples obtained for analysis of chlorophyll, particulate organic matter, dissolved nutrients; (4) laboratory processing of kelp tissue samples in preparation for chemical and stable isotope analyses; (5) computer entry and quality assurance of project data; and (6) initial analysis and presentation of experimental/observational data.

REU Internship Requirements: (1) Enrollment in undergraduate coursework for Fall 2017; funding may not be awarded to students graduating this year; (2) Prior coursework in chemistry and biology (general is sufficient); (3) Strong interest in gaining experience in conducting scientific research; (4) Ability to adapt to a variable work schedule (long days, occasional weekends); (5) Comfortable spending long days working in the laboratory/field and with hazardous chemicals; (6) U.S. citizen; (7) GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Compensation: A $4500 stipend will be awarded to one full time program participant throughout the summer. Students will be responsible for paying federal taxes on this income.

To apply, please submit a CV detailing relevant classroom and work experience, a one page statement describing your research experience and interest in this position, an unofficial transcript, proof of Fall 2017 enrollment, and contact information for two professional references, who can speak your interests/experience, to Jason Smith (jmsmith@ucsb.ed).

The application deadline is April 15, 2017.