Seeking motivated graduate students – Dept. of Life Sciences, Texas A&M U – Corpus Christi

The Dept. of Life Sciences at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi is recruiting motivated and talented students for its graduate programs. For application details and more information about the programs visit:    and   facebook/lsci.tamucc/

The “Island University” is located on the shore of Corpus Christi Bay, and is very near the unique, hypersaline Laguna Madre estuary. A list of degree programs and some example topics that faculty and students here are working on are below.

*       Undergraduate degrees:  Biology (tracks: ecology, marine biology, cell/molecular, microbiology, organismal, integrative); Biomedical (options: Forensic sciences, Pre-clinical, pre-professional)

*       Graduate degrees: Marine Biology (MS and PhD); Fisheries and Mariculture (MS); Biology (MS)

*       Note 1: Marine Biology is an integrated program that includes students and faculty from Texas A&M College Station and Galveston

=FC  Blue Water fish and coral studies

=FC  Estuarine and coastal ecology and biology; and also watersheds and coastal dune systems

=FC  Population connectivity and genetics

=FC  Microbial ecology

=FC  Chemical ecology

=FC  Phytoplankton and algal mat studies

=FC  Biogeochemistry

=FC  Intersection of human health, social sciences, and marine ecology

=FC  Restoration ecology

=FC  Wetland ecology and plant-animal interactions

*       Note 2: Fisheries & Mariculture partners with the Peace Corps to offer Coverdell Fellowships to returning volunteers

=FC  Biofuels from algae

=FC  Oyster culture

=FC  Fish populations and genetics

=FC  Fisheries biology and economics

=FC  Partnerships & internships with Agri-Life and other agencies

*       Note 3: Biology

=FC  Nesting ecology of birds and diamondback terrapins

=FC  Water quality influences on estuarine plants and animals

Dr. C. Edward Proffitt

Professor & Chair

Department of Life Sciences

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

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6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5800

Corpus Christi, Texas 78412

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