esearch Assistant (1) – Avian Conservation Project – Ohio

Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab: Research Assistant 1 -B/H for Rights-of=

-Way& Avian Conservation Project

Location: Eastern Ohio

Start Date: May 15, 2017        End Date: August 18, 2017      =

Job Type: Seasonal

Application Deadline: February 13th, 2017

Job Description: RESEARCH ASSISTANT I -B/H needed to assist avian samplin=

g(stationary point counts and nest search/monitoring), vegetation sampling=

(woody and herbaceous), and data entry tasks for shale gas pipeline right=


way (ROW) research project in eastern Ohio throughout the posted time win=

dow. The successful applicant will work alongside the project=92s graduate stu=

dent aswell as other field technicians working on different components of the RO=

Wresearch (e.g., pollinators, herpetofaunal).

Hourly wages for the position are $11.25.  Field housing & in-field t=

ravelprovided. Start and end dates listed are approximate.


=95=0960% – Avian point counts and nest search/monitoring

=95=0930% – Vegetation/habitat sampling

=95=0910% – Data entry

To Apply: Applications will be accepted until February 13th, 2017.  Pleas=

esend brief cover letter, resume, and both phone numbers and email address=

es of3 references as a single PDF to Lewis Lolya (

Qualifications: A valid driver=92s license is required.  Demonstratedproficiency in the identification of eastern North American songbirds by =

sightand sound is mandatory.  Applicants with proficiency in identification an=

dknowledge of forest and/or herbaceous plants will be given preference. =

Individuals will be required to work in all types of conditions (rain, ho=

t andcold temperatures) and be required to walk moderate distances to field si=

tes. Applicants must possess a strong work ethic, positive attitude, self-

motivation, and willingness to work in harsh outdoor conditions.