UWIN Undergraduate Research Program now accepting applications!


The Urban Water Innovation Network (UWIN) is currently accepting

applications for its *Undergraduate Research Program* (URP) in the summer

of 2017!

Students will be given the opportunity to perform cutting edge,

transdisciplinary research of immediate relevance to people in urban areas.

Students with different research interests in urban water sustainability –

natural sciences, social sciences, engineering – will be placed with a team

of mentors at institutions in urban areas across the nation. See:

Undergraduate Research Program

Your help in sharing this information with students interested in doing

independent research in our unique setting would be very much appreciated.

Program details follow.

Thank you.

Aude Lochet, Ph.D.

UWIN Undergraduate Research Program coordinator


*Sustainable Urban Water Transdisciplinary Research Program for


*Engaging Undergraduates in Transitioning Toward Sustainable Urban Water


Students will join the Urban Water Innovation Network community for 9 weeks

in summer 2017 to:

=C2=B7   Complete an independent, guided research project, working closely with

mentor scientists, other students and the broader UWIN team

=C2=B7   Attend a 3 day kick-off and a 3 day wrap-up meetings at Colorado State


=C2=B7   Participate in skill building workshops and seminars

=C2=B7   Attend a Virtual Forum on Opportunities in Urban Water Research and


=C2=B7   Give a poster presentation in a final Urban Water Sustainability

Research Symposium

The program fosters reflection and builds self confidence and skills. To

complement their mentored research, students interact in person and/or

virtually, give and receive feedback and support, and participate in a rich

assortment of enrichment activities, workshops and seminars in research and

urban water sustainability.

*Projects for 2017:*

=C2=B7   Variation in Vegetation=E2=80=99s Influence on Urban Climate* (University of

California Riverside, Oregon State University, University of Arizona, UMBC)*

=C2=B7   Evaluating Options for Management of Urban Flood Hazards *(UMBC,

University of Arizona, University of Georgia)*

=C2=B7   Microclimates and Human Activity Patterns Near Urban Surface Water: A

Case Study of Tempe Town Lake, Arizona *(Arizona State University)*

=C2=B7   Water Resouces and Heat Emergencies *(Arizona State University)*

=C2=B7   Natural Solutions for Urban Watershed Sustainability *(Brooklyn College


=C2=B7   Visualizing Urban Water Sustainability Indicators within a Video Game

for Collecting Water Management Ideas from Gamers *(Colorado State


=C2=B7   Non-Darcian Flow Regimes in the Biscayne Aquifer of Southeast

Florida *(Florida

International University)*

=C2=B7   Water Affordability Case Studies *(Michigan State University)*

=C2=B7   Transitions to Socially Equitable and Environmentally Just Sustainable

Urban Water Systems *(Northeastern University)*

=C2=B7   Characterizing the Urban Energy Water Nexus through Modeling and Data

Analysis *(Princeton University)*

=C2=B7   System-of-Systems Analysis of Water Infrastructure Resilience under

Climate Change Impacts *(Texas A&M University)*

*Dates:* May 31 to August 2, 2017 (9 weeks)

*Eligibility:*  Undergraduate freshmen, sophomores, juniors or first

semester seniors. Must be citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. or

its possessions.

*Support:* $4,500 stipend, room and board on-campus or in nearby housing,

travel allowance up to $900.

The program starts and ends at Colorado State University in Fort Collins CO.

*To apply: *See our website at: https://erams.com/UWIN/urp/ Online

application only.

*Applications must be submitted by February 10, 2017.*

*For more information, contact:*

Aude Lochet, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

E-mail: locheta@caryinstitute.org