Graduate position: UTexas_Austin.EvolutionGenomics

The Havird Lab at the University of Texas at Austin is looking for
> enthusiastic and motivated PhD students beginning in the Fall 2020
> semester. Students will have the opportunity to develop independent
> dissertation projects that complement research themes in the lab on
> molecular evolution, cytonuclear interactions, and environmental
> physiology. Ongoing projects in the lab examine coevolution between
> mitochondrial and nuclear genomes, the roles of cytoplasmic genomes at
> species boundaries, and ecophysiology/environmental adaptation ( Multiple organismal systems are used
> in the lab, including plants and animals, as well as making use of existing
> publicly available genomic datasets. Students in the Havird Lab are
> expected to develop both wet lab and bioinformatic skill sets.
> The lab is part of the growing Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (EEB) group
> in the Integrative Biology Department at the University of Texas.
> Interested students should contact Justin Havird ( and
> provide a brief description of your research interests along with a current
> CV. Applicants are encouraged to consider applying for outside funding
> opportunities (e.g., the NSF predoctoral fellowship). Applicants can apply
> through the EEB, Plant Biology, or Cell and Molecular Biology (via
> rotations) Graduate Programs at UT following the links below.
> Applications received before December 1st, 2019 will be given full
> consideration.
> Additional information:
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