PhD Position: Ecological Genomics (University of Maine)

As part of a new, collaborative NSF-funded research and training program in

the genomic ecology of coastal organisms, the University of Maine seeks to

hire a PhD student who will study genome-phenome relationships in natural

populations.  The student will be expected to conduct genomic and

transcriptomic analyses towards understanding adaptation and fitness

associations related to salinity tolerance and kidney function in tidal

marsh sparrow species.  The student will have the opportunity to conduct

field work during summer months with field crews in tidal marshes across

the Northeast US, from Maine to Virginia.  Genomic analyses may include

whole-genome sequencing, candidate gene sequencing, gene expression

analyses, meta-barcoding, and microbiome characterization. The student will

be one of five PhD students working collaboratively on the research and

training program. All students will have the opportunity to work in

collaboration with a diverse team of investigators, graduate students, and

undergraduate students at both institutions.

This PhD student will be advised by Dr. Benjamin King ( through the

Molecular and Biomedical Sciences program at the University of Maine.  The

student will work in collaboration with a diverse team of investigators,

graduate students, and undergraduate students at the Universities of New

Hampshire and Maine studying the ecological genomics and eco-evolutionary

feedback of adaptation in tidal marsh birds.  The student will research

genes and pathways under selection in tidal marsh sparrow species with

greater salinity tolerance using comparative genomics, population genomics and

transcriptomics. The student will be based primarily in Orono, Maine during

the academic year, an hour to the ocean and an hour and a half to Maine’s

highest peak. A start date of June 2019 is strongly preferred, and the

candidate must start no later than September 2019.

The successful candidate must have a strong background in genetics and/or

bioinformatics. Preferred candidates will have demonstrated experience with

genetics, genomics, and/or bioinformatics. Consistent with our program

scope and to advance an integrated understanding of adaptation in nature,

we are especially interested in candidates who show promise to engage

intellectually across the diverse scales of genomes, phenomes, and

environmental feedbacks. Individuals who are intellectually curious,

responsible, willing to learn, and have attention to detail are encouraged

to apply. An M.S. in a related field is preferred, but qualified candidates

with extensive experiences will be considered regardless.

How to apply: Please send a cover letter describing your qualifications,

including your commitment to diversity and inclusion in collaborative

science, a curriculum vitae, unofficial transcripts, and the contact

information for at least three references to the contacts listed above for

each position for which you would like to be considered. Please use “

Ecological Genomics PhD Student Search” as the subject line of your email.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis thereafter until the

positions are filled. A start date of June 2019 is strongly preferred, but

is negotiable depending on the position in question.

The Universities of Maine and New Hampshire Systems are both EEO/AA

employers, and do not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion,

sex, sexual orientation, including transgender status and gender

expression, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, genetic

information or veteran’s status in employment, education, and all other

programs and activities. Please contact the Director of Equal Opportunity,

101 N. Stevens Hall, Orono, ME 04469 at 207-581-1226 (voice), TTY 711

(Maine Relay System), or, or the Affirmative

Action and Equity Office, Thompson Hall 305, 105 Main Street, Durham, NH

03824-3547 at 603-862-2930 (voice), TTY: (603) 862-1527 • Relay NH: 7-1-1,

or with questions or concerns.

Benjamin L. King, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics

Department of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences

5735 Hitchner Hall

University of Maine

Orono, ME  04469-5735