Seminars (Spring 2021)


Jan. 28: Heather Kittredge (UConn EEB)
Photo of Heather Kittredge

Environmental drivers and evolutionary consequences of horizontal gene transfer in soil bacteria

3:30pm Online (host: Mark Urban)


Feb. 4: UConn BRC Seminar
Photo of Erin Kuprewicz and Matt Opel

Erin Kuprewicz (UConn BRC)
   Using the past to predict the future: the pivotal role of vertebrate collections in transformative research, experiential education, and public engagement
Matt Opel (UConn BRC)
   UConn’s living library of plants: the EEB Plant Biodiversity Conservatory and Research Core

3:30pm Online (host: Garcia-Robledo)


Feb. 11: David Lindenmayer (Australian National University, Canberra)
Photo of David Lindenmayer

A Multi-decadal landscape experiment leads to new perspectives on the effects of multiple landscape transformations

4:00pm Online
This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center


Feb. 18: UConn BRC Seminar
Photo of Bikash Shrestha and Irene Cobo Simon

Bikash Shrestha (UConn EEB)
   Plastid genome evolution and inheritance in Passiflora
Irene Cobo Simon (UConn EEB)
   From CartograTree to CartograPlant: Cyberinfrastructure to improve plant health and productivity in the context of a changing climate

3:30pm Online (host: Wegrzyn)


Feb. 25: Ricardo Betancur-R (University of Oklahoma)
Photo of Ricardo Betancur-R

Studying fish evolution at multiple time scales

3:30pm Online (host: Schultz, Colby)


Mar. 4: Pablo A. Marquet (Instituto de EcologĂ­a y Biodiversidad, Chile)
Photo of Pablo A. Marquet

From genes to species richness: steps towards the integration of theories in ecology

3:30pm Online (host: Merow)


Mar. 11: Robert Bullard (Texas Southern University)
Photo of Robert Bullard

The quest for environmental and climate justice

4:00pm Online
This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center


Mar. 18: Project Biodiversify (UConn EEB)
Photo of Project Biodiversify

Project Biodiversify: methods for diverse, inclusive, and effective teaching in biology

3:30pm Online (host: Departmental Climate Study Committee)


Mar. 25: Ya Min (MinYa) (Harvard University)
Photo of Ya Min (MinYa)

When stem cells are no longer needed in plant development? Investigation in floral meristem termination in Aquilegia

3:30pm Online (host: Yuan)


Apr. 1: Namrata Sengupta (Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)
Photo of Namrata Sengupta

What it means to be a science communicator: From part- time volunteering to a full-time career

3:30pm Online (host: Rodgers)


Apr. 8: Deepa Agashe (National Centre for Biological Sciences, India)
Photo of Deepa Agashe

Adapt or bust? Predicting adaptive dynamics under new challenges

3:30pm Online (host: Bolnick)


Apr. 22: Amitav Ghosh (University of Oxford)
Photo of Amitav Ghosh

The Great Derangement: climate change and the unthinkable

12:00pm Online
Note: Earth day seminarThis is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center