Seminars (Spring 2019)

Jan. 24: UConn EEB Postdoc Minisymposium
Photo of Timothy Moore and Casey Youngflesh

Timothy Moore (Schlichting Lab)
   Measuring microenvironments for global change
Casey Youngflesh (Tingley Lab)
   Ecological change in the southern ocean: insights from antarctic seabirds

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Christina Baer)

Jan. 31: Richard J. Lazarus (Harvard Law School)
Photo of Richard J. Lazarus

Litigating in the Supreme Court of the United States: property rights vs. environmental protection

4:00pm Konover Auditorium
This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center

Feb. 7: Richard Primack (Boston University)
Photo of Richard Primack

Walden warming: the effects of climate change on the plants and animals of Thoreau’s Concord

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: EEB Graduate Students)

Feb. 14: Chris Elphick (UConn)
Photo of Chris Elphick

Canaries in the salt marsh: coastal marsh conservation as sea levels rise

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Bagchi)

Feb. 21: Liam J. Heneghan (DePaul University)
Photo of Liam J. Heneghan

Beasts at bedtime: revealing the environmental wisdom in children’s literature

4:00pm Konover Auditorium
This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center

Feb. 28: Spencer Barrett (University of Toronto)
Photo of Spencer Barrett

Genomic insights into the evolution and ecology of plant sexual diversity

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Diggle)

Mar. 7: Molly E. Cummings (University of Texas Austin)
Photo of Molly E. Cummings

Poison and passion: studying mechanisms of mate choice in frogs and fishes

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Wells)

Mar. 14: Vincent D’Amico (USDA/University of Delaware)
Photo of Vincent D'Amico

The FRAME: a dispersed network for urban forest ecology

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Elphick)
Note: Joint seminar with NRE

Mar. 28: Amanda Gibson (University of Virginia)
Photo of Amanda Gibson

Dodging minute enemies: coevolution in natural and experimental populations

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Bolnick)

Apr. 4: Marjorie Weber (Michigan State University)
Photo of Marjorie Weber

Linking species interactions with macroevolution using plants, their friends, and their foes

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Holsinger)

Apr. 11: John McCutcheon (University of Montana)
Photo of John McCutcheon

Functional metabolic mosaics in the three-way nested endosymbiosis of mealybugs

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Simon)

Apr. 18: Catherine Kling (Cornell University)
Photo of Catherine Kling

Improving water quality: are economics and the environment always at odds?

4:00pm Konover Auditorium
This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center

Apr. 25: Matthew Graham (Eastern Connecticut State University)
Photo of Matthew Graham

The roles of ancient waterways, evolving landscapes, and shifting climates in structuring desert arachnofaunas

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Jockusch)