Seminars (Spring 2017)

Jan. 19: Elena Kramer (Harvard)

Understanding the genetic basis of morphological novelty in flowers

4:00pm BPB 130 (host: Diggle)

Jan. 26

Disease Ecology or Evolution

4:00pm BPB 130 (host: Willig)

Jan. 30

Disease Ecology or Evolution

4:00pm BPB 130 (host: Caira)

Feb. 2: Elizabeth Kolbert (The New Yorker)

The sixth extinction

4:00pm Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center (host: Segerson)
Note: Teale Lecture

Feb. 6

Disease Ecology or Evolution

3:00pm BPB 130 (host: Jockusch)
Note: note the earlier time and other room!

Feb. 9

Disease Ecology or Evolution

4:00pm BPB 130 (host: Urban)

Feb. 13

Disease Ecology or Evolution

4:00pm BPB 130 (host: Urban, Jockusch)

Feb. 16: Barry Chernoff (Wesleyan)

Ecological resilience and reactivity: community structure following dam removal in a small Connecticut stream

4:00pm BPB 130 (host: Schultz)

Feb. 23: Kurt Schwenk (UConn EEB)


4:00pm BPB 130 (host: Tingley)

Mar. 2: Resit Ak├žakaya (Stony Brook)

Species extinctions and climate change: prediction, understanding, prevention

4:00pm BPB 130 (host: Tingley)
Note: NRE joint seminar

Mar. 9: Erin Kuprewicz (UConn EEB)

Plant-animal interactions in the Anthropocene: understanding the effects of terrestrial mammals on tropical plant communities in a warming world

4:00pm BPB 130 (host: Jockusch)

Mar. 23: Laura Kubatko (The Ohio State University)

Coalescent-based phylogenetic inference using site pattern frequencies

4:00pm BPB 130 (host: P. Lewis)

Mar. 30: Maria Carmen Lemos (University of Michigan)

Building capacity for adapting to climate change

4:00pm Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center
Note: Teale Lecture

Apr. 6: Jarrett Byrnes (UMass Boston)

Global change in marine ecosystems: from foundation species to biodiversity

4:00pm BPB 130 (host: Bagchi)

Apr. 13: Evan Preisser (University of Rhode Island)

Just how friendly IS my enemy’s enemy? Herbivore-herbivore interactions on eastern hemlock

4:00pm BPB 130 (host: Tingley)

The Nile project: musical and cultural performance

7:30pm Jorgensen Auditorium
Note: Teale Lecture