Seminars (Spring 2016)

Feb. 4: Rick Ostfeld (Cary Institute)

Of mice and men: emerging infectious disease in a warmer, more fragmented world

4pm Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center

Feb. 11: Rebeca Rosengaus (Northeastern University)

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: emergent properties of insect immunity

4pm BPB 131 (host: Adams)

Feb. 18: Erik Hom (University of Mississippi)

Of chance and necessity: adventures in synthetic ecology

4pm BPB 131 (host: L. Lewis)

Feb. 25: Don Les (UConn)

Two decades of chasing water nymphs: systematic surprises in Najas (Hydrocharitaceae)

4pm BPB 131 (host: Sabbatical Seminar)

Mar. 3: Yoram Bauman (stand-up economist)

Comedy, economics, and climate change

4pm Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center

Mar. 10: Jeff Doyle (Cornell)

Polyploidy and the structural and functional evolution of plant genomes

4pm BPB 131 (host: Les)

Mar. 24: Linda Deegan (Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory)

Ecosystem Evolution and Sustainability of Nutrient Enriched Coastal Saltmarshes

4pm BPB 131 (host: Urban)

Mar. 31: Robin Hopkins (Harvard University)

The causes and consequences of natural selection for speciation

4pm BPB 131 (host: Jones)

Apr. 7: Robb Dunn (North Carolina State University)

From tropical ants to beer, biofuels, and sweaty pants: an accidental journey from basic tropical ecology and evolution to application (and then back to tropical ecology and evolution)

4pm BPB 131 (host: Colwell)

Apr. 14: Phil Myers (University of Michigan)

Climate change — already affecting small mammals in the Great Lakes Region?

4pm BPB 131 (host: Schultz, Willig)

Apr. 21: Mark Zoback (Stanford University)

Opportunities and challenges of shale gas production

4pm Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center

Apr. 28: Jing-Ke Weng (Whitehead Institute, MIT)

Unraveling the chemical mysteries of nature

4pm BPB 131 (host: Yuan)