Seminars (Fall 2020)


Sep. 3: UConn EEB Postdoc Minisymposium I

Crystal Ng (UConn EEB (Yarish Lab))
   Multiple stressors and environmental variability: climate change impacts in giant kelp forest communities
Yaoguang Li (UConn EEB (Yarish Lab))
   Development of genomic tools for breeding superior sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima) cultivars for food and fuel

3:30pm Online (host: Garcia-Robledo)


Sep. 10: None

Katrina Menard (UConn EEB)
   Nature’s librarians: being a collection manager for invertebrates
Sarah Taylor (UConn EEB)
   Classical botany to 21st century research: welcome to the herbarium

3:30pm Online (host: Caira, Goffinet)


Sep. 17: UConn EEB Postdoc Minisymposium II

Sebastián Klarian (Andrés Bello National University, Chile)
   Trophic ecology of the Southern Ray’s Bream Brama australis
Maria Rodgers (UConn EEB (Bolnick Lab))
   Antibodies as a Tool to Assess Health in Wild Sea Turtles

3:30pm Online (host: Garcia-Robledo)


Sep. 24: Chris Field (Stanford University)

Frontiers in Climate Change Adaptation

4:00pm Online
This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center


Oct. 1: Jennifer Lau (Indiana University)

Evolution in a changing world: How species interactions influence adaptation to global change

3:30pm Online (host: Graduate Students)


Oct. 8: Barbara Thiers (New York Botanical Garden)

Collectively Saving Plant and Fungal Biodiversity through the World’s Herbaria

3:30pm Online (host: Goffinet)


Oct. 15: Barbara Ambrose (New York Botanical Garden)

The evolution and development of leaves

3:30pm Online (host: L. Lewis)


Oct. 22: Paulo R. Guimarães Jr (Universidade de São Paulo)

The Structure of Ecological Networks Across Levels of Organization

3:30pm Online (host: Bolnick)


Oct. 29: Gustavo Londoño (Universidad ICESI – Colombia)

Life history and physiological diversification in the Andean mountains

3:30pm Online (host: Garcia-Robledo)


Nov. 5: Matt Forister (Univeristy of Nevada, Reno)

Global change and western butterflies

3:30pm Online (host: Wagner, Elphick)


Nov. 12: Kathleen Holgerson (UConn) (Director of the Women’s Center)

STEMinist in the Academy: the intersections of identity and power on departmental climate

3:30pm Online (host: Rubega, Bolnick)


Nov. 19: Jessica L. Ware (American Museum of Natural History)

Understanding dragonflies and damselfly evolution through transcriptomic and targeted enrichment data

3:30pm Online (host: Simon)


Dec. 3: Erika Edwards (Yale University)

The promise of model clades in evolutionary research: new perspectives on leaf form evolution from continued study of Viburnum

3:30pm Online (host: Diggle)