Seminars (Fall 2019)

Aug. 29: UConn EEB Postdoc Minisymposium
Photo of Simona Augyte and Nikisha Patel

Simona Augyte (Yarish Lab)
   Ecosystem services, population genetics and lab techniques of sugar kelp cultivation
Nikisha Patel (Goffinet Lab)
   Polyploid evolution in ferns and insights from spores

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Fisher)

Sep. 5: Robin Chazdon (UConn)
Photo of Robin Chazdon

Mapping the best opportunities for tropical forest restoration at landscape, regional, and global scales

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: EEB & Schlichting)

Sep. 12: Rob Colwell (UConn)
Photo of Rob Colwell

Modeling the ecology and evolution of biodiversity: Biogeographical cradles, museums, and graves

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: EEB & Elphick)

Sep. 19: Emily Broad-Lieb (Harvard Law School)
Photo of Emily Broad-Lieb

Food Waste Policy: Using Systems Change to Stop Squandering One of our Greatest Resources

4:00pm Konover Auditorium
This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center

Sep. 26: W. John Kress (Smithsonian Institution)
Photo of W. John Kress

Coevolution in the Anthropocene: the complexity of nature in a rapidly changing world

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Garcia-Robledo)

Oct. 3: Anny Chung (Utah State University)
Photo of Anny Chung

The role of soil microbes in plant population and community dynamics

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Bagchi)

Oct. 10: Sandra B. Correa (Mississippi State University)
Photo of Sandra B. Correa

Evolution, ecology and conservation of fish-forest interactions

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Kuprewicz)

Oct. 17: Brian Sedio (UT Austin)
Photo of Brian Sedio

Can metabolomics reveal the chemical niches thought to generate and maintain diversity in forest tree communities?

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Wagner)

Oct. 24: Paul Ferraro (John Hopkins University)
Photo of Paul Ferraro

Ending Extreme Poverty Without Endangering Ecosystems

4:00pm Konover Auditorium
This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center

Oct. 31: Brandon Ogbunu (Brown University)
Photo of Brandon Ogbunu

Evolution¬†ab epistulus¬†(“from letters”): lexical landscapes, protein space, and adaptive dynamics

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Knutie)

Nov. 7: Jessica Gurevitch (Stony Brook University)
Photo of Jessica Gurevitch

A cornucopia of ideas: landscape demography, ecological implications of SRM geoengineering, and open science

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: EEB grads)

Nov. 14: Karen Seto (Yale University)
Photo of Karen Seto

Hotter, Wetter, Drier: Contemporary Urbanization and Challenges for Sustainability

4:00pm Konover Auditorium
This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center

Nov. 21: Mathew Leibold (University of Florida)
Photo of Mathew Leibold

Rethinking metacommunity ecology

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Urban)