Seminars (Fall 2018)

Aug. 30: UConn EEB Postdoc Minisymposium I
Photo of Christina Baer and Lauren Fuess

Christina Baer (Garcia-Robledo Lab)
   Making and taking shelter
Lauren Fuess (Bolnick Lab)
   No free lunch: a multi-experiment approach reveals complex connections between symbiosis and immunity in the endangered coral, Orbicella faveolata

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Mickley)

Sep. 6: Jason Fridley (Syracuse University)
Photo of Jason Fridley

The modern invasive species problem: a world Darwin envisioned?

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Bagchi)

Sep. 13: Charles Mann (Science/Wired/Atlantic Monthly)
Photo of Charles Mann

The Edge of the petri dish

4:00pm Konover Auditorium
This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center

Sep. 20: Zac Cheviron (University of Montana)
Photo of Zac Cheviron

Evolutionary systems biology of adaptation to environmental stress: insights from high-altitude deer mice

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Schlichting)

Sep. 25: David Polly (Indiana University)
Photo of David Polly

Punctuated equilibrium and Earth system processes: re-examining Gould’s Pleistocene snail from Bermuda

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Ran Feng)
Note: Tuesday seminar, joint with Geosciences

Oct. 4: UConn EEB Postdoc Minisymposium II
Photo of Eric Gordon and Foen Peng

Eric Gordon (Simon Lab)
   Evading Muller’s ratchet: patterns of symbiotic evolution and replacement in Hemiptera
Foen Peng (Bolnick Lab)
   Hidden conflict in pollination and its implications for diversification

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Sean Giery)

Oct. 11: Eric Palkovacs (UC Santa Cruz)
Photo of Eric Palkovacs

The ecological importance of intraspecific biodiversity

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Urban)

Oct. 18: Leslie Ries (Georgetown University)
Photo of Leslie Ries

Modeling butterfly phenology and phenological mismatch in an increasingly warming world

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Tingley)

Oct. 25: John England (University of Alberta)
Photo of John England

In the footsteps of late 19th century explorers: reconstructing environmental change across the Canadian high arctic

4:00pm Konover Auditorium
This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center

Nov. 1: Cherie Briggs (UC Santa Barbara)
Photo of Cherie Briggs

Investigating the dynamics and impacts of a fungal disease of amphibians

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Knutie)

Nov. 8: Tyler Kartzinel (Brown University)
Photo of Tyler Kartzinel

What animals eat and why it matters in an East Africa savanna

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: Garcia-Robledo)

Nov. 15: Rob Robichaux (University of Arizona, Hawaiian Silversword Foundation)
Photo of Rob Robichaux

Silverswords and lobeliads: restoring Hawaii’s marvels of evolution

4:00pm Konover Auditorium
Note: (NOTE: ROOM CHANGED TO BPB 131 BECAUSE OF CAMPUS CLOSURE) This is a Teale Lecture in the Dodd Center

Nov. 16: Peter Groffman (CUNY)
Photo of Peter Groffman

Ecological homogenization of urban America

2:30pm Dodd Center (Konover Auditorium) (host: NRE)
Note: Friday seminar, joint with NRE

Nov. 29: Jacquelyn Gill (University of Maine)
Photo of Jacquelyn Gill

The once and future forests: ice age experiments for a warming world

3:30pm BPB 131 (host: EEB Graduate Students)
Note: ***CANCELED***