Seminars (Fall 2016)

Sep. 1: Justin Touchon (Vassar)

The role of phenotypic plasticity in evolution

4:00pm BPB 131 (host: Wells)

Sep. 8: UConn EEB Postdoc Minisymposium

Uzay Sezen (Wegrzyn Lab)
   From crayons of population genetics to laser printers of genomics
Todd Newman (Rubega Lab)
   How the media influences how the public thinks about science and environmental issues
Baoquing Ding (Yuan Lab)
   Co-option of an ancient small RNA pathway shapes floral sympetaly in Mimulus lewisii

4:00pm BPB 131 (host: EEB)

Sep. 15: Alex Gerson (UMass-Amherst)

Metabolism, water loss and extreme environments: the integrative ecological physiology of migratory and desert adapted birds

4:00pm BPB 131 (host: Tingley)

Sep. 22: Rosemary Gillespie (UC-Berkeley)

Evolution of ecological communities through the lens of an island chronosequence

4:00p BPB 131 (host: EEB Grads (Tim Moore))

Sep. 29: Anita Morzillo (UConn)

Integrating human dimensions into ecological and natural resources research

4:00pm BPB 131 (host: Jones)

Oct. 6: Dan Bolnick (University of Texas, Austin)

Why do bad things happen to some hosts (but not others)?

4:00pm BPB 131 (host: Diggle)

Oct. 13: Bhart-Anjan Bhullar (Yale)

The origin of the bird skull: fossils, development, and experimental resurrection of vanished features

4:00pm BPB 131 (host: Schwenk)

Oct. 20: Julian Agyeman (Tufts)

Just sustainabilities: re-imagining e/quality, living within limits

4:00pm Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center
Note: Teale Lecture

Oct. 28: Pat Megonigal (Smithsonian)

Plant traits and sea level rise dominate tidal marsh response to global change

2:30pm Young 100 (host: NRE)
Note: Friday

Nov. 3: Emma Rosi-Marshall (Cary Institute)

Our rivers on drugs: pharmaceuticals and personal care products as agents of ecological change in aquatic ecosystems

4:00pm Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center
Note: Teale Lecture

Nov. 10: Lisa Donovan (University of Georgia)

Evidence for and against evolution of a whole plant economics spectrum in wild Helianthus and other species

4:00pm BPB 131 (host: Schlichting)

Nov. 17: John Willis (Duke)

Genomic analysis of parallel adaptation to serpentine and toxic mine soils in the Mimulus

4:00pm BPB 131 (host: Yuan)

Dec. 1: Harriet Ritvo (MIT)

Wanting the wild

4:00pm Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center
Note: Teale Lecture