Seminars (Fall 2015)

Sep. 3: Peter Beerli (Florida State University)

Structured populations, or divergence versus migration

4pm BPB 130 (host: Paul Lewis)

Sep. 10: Elizabeth Lonsdorf (Franklin and Marshall College)

Growing up ape: studies of health and development in wild chimpanzees

4pm BPB 130 (host: Tim Moore, EEB Grads)

Sep. 17: Robert Lücking (Field Museum)

NOVEL TOOLS FOR BIG DATA: A liquenological perspective on the use and applications of biodiversity data

4pm BPB 130 (host: Bernard Goffinet)

Sep. 24: Rachel Spicer (Connecticut College)


4pm BPB 130 (host: Cindi Jones)

Oct. 1: Trevor Price (University of Chicago)

Why are there so many bird species in the eastern Himalayas, and why aren’t there more?

4pm BPB 130 (host: Morgan Tingley)

Oct. 8: Postdoc Mini Symposium

Amanda Caskenette (University of Connecticut)
   Paying Respect to the Elders in Recreational Fisheries Management
Julien Massoni (University of Connecticut)
   The long evolutionary history of Magnoliidae (angiosperms)
Tim Farkas (University of Connecticut)
   Eco-evolutionary dynamics in stick insects

4pm BPB 130 (host: EEB Department)

Oct. 16: Teale Lecture: Peter Vitousek (Stanford University)

Island ecosystems as models for human-environment interaction

4pm Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center
Note: Friday at 3pm!

Oct. 22: James Mallet (Harvard University)

How Heliconius butterflies mess with our species concept (and our mind)

4pm BPB 130 (host: Chris Simon)

Oct. 29: Erica Fleishman (University of California Davis)

Reconciling statistical rigor and biological inference in occupancy models

4pm BPB 130 (host: Chris Ephick)

Nov. 5: Erin Mordecai (Stanford University)

Unexpected responses of disease to global change

4pm BPB 130 (host: Robi Bagchi)

Nov. 12: Jay Sobel (Binghamton University)


4pm BPB 130 (host: Yaowu Yuan)

Nov. 19: Teale Lecture: Rob Nixon (University of Wisconsin)

Bosses of the biosphere? Earth mastery, plutocracy, and environmental justice

4pm Konover Auditorium, Dodd Center

Dec. 3: David Weisrock (University of Kentucky)


4pm BPB 130 (host: Elizabeth Jockusch)

Dec. 10: Don Les (University of Connecticut)

Two decades of chasing water nymphs: systematic surprises in Najas (Hydrocharitaceae)

4pm BPB 130 (host: EEB Department)