About Us

EEB is a biological science department at UConn. Our research focuses on ecology, evolution, systematics, biological diversity, conservation, and the functional biology of organisms. We teach the important majors core course BIOL 1108, the non-majors BIOL 1102, and a diversity of upper level and graduate courses in ecology and evolutionary biology. More...

Explore the faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students of EEB, the courses we offer, collections we maintain, our current and past newsletters, and watch our 4 minute video introduction to find out what we are all about!

  • EEB seminar by Deepa Agashe Apr. 8, 2021, 3:30 (contact daniel.bolnick@uconn.edu)

Upcoming Seminars

  1. EEB Ph.D. Defense: Austin Spence EEB Ph.D. Defense: Austin Spence11:00am 4/12
  2. EEB Ph.D. Defense: Andrew Stillman EEB Ph.D. Defense: Andrew Stillman11:00am 4/13
  3. UConn Reads Forum: The Great Derangement: Climate Change And The Unthinkable UConn Reads Forum: The Great Derangement: Climate Change And The Unthinkable12:00pm 4/22

EEB-related Events

  1. Apr 14 PNB Seminar Series Rebecca Shansky, Ph.D.,4:00pm
  2. Apr 20 MCB Seminar Series: Dr. Dawn Carone (PhD '09)3:30pm
  3. Apr 21 PNB Seminar Series Dr. James Noonan4:00pm

Contact Us

Department Head: Pamela Diggle (pamela.diggle@uconn.edu, https://diggle.lab.uconn.edu)
Mailing address: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
75 N. Eagleville Road, Unit 3043
Storrs, CT 06269-3043, USA
Main office: +01 860 486-4322
General questions: Nick Boston (nicholas.boston@uconn.edu)
Web site: Paul Lewis (eebwebmaster@uconn.edu)