Graduate Student Publications

Peer-reviewed papers with EEB graduate student authors (bold). An * indicates papers published while at UConn, but based on research conducted prior to joining EEB.

Frye, HA, Mocko, K, Moore, TE, Schlichting, CD, Jones, CS. 2020. Leaf margins in a deciduous lineage from the Greater Cape Floristic Region track climate in unexpected directions. American Journal of Botany. [link]

García-Robledo, C, Kuprewicz, EK, Baer, C, Clifton, E, Hernández, GG, Wagner, DL. Accepted. The Erwin Equation of Biodiversity: From little steps to quantum leaps in the discovery of tropical diversity. Biotropica. [link]

Grames, EM, and CS Elphick. 2020. Use of study design principles would increase the reproducibility of reviews in conservation biology. Biological Conservation 241, 108385. [link]

*Hernández, GG, Slot, M and Winter, K. 2020. Similar temperature dependence of photosynthetic parameters in sun and shade leaves of three tropical tree species. Tree Physiology, 40:637-651. [link]

Matson TA, Wagner DL. 2020. A new Stamnodes from the southwestern United States (Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Larentiinae). ZooKeys 923:79-90. [link]

Milici VR, Dalui D, Mickley JG, Bagchi R., 2020. Responses of plant-pathogen interactions to precipitation: implications for tropical tree richness in a changing world. Journal of Ecology. [link]

Nakagawa, S, Dunn, AG, Lagisz, M, Bannach-Brown, A, Grames, EM, …, Haddaway, NR. 2020. A new ecosystem for evidence synthesis. Nature Ecology & Evolution 4:498-501. [link]

Stillman, GR, Stillman, AN, Beecher, MS. 2020. Frailty is associated with early hospital readmission in older medical patients. Journal of Applied Gerontology. [link]

Tingley, MW, Stillman, AN, Wilkerson, RL, Sawyer, SC, Siegel, RB. 2020. Black-backed woodpecker occupancy in burned and beetle-killed forests: Disturbance agent matters. Forest Ecology and Management 455:117694. [link]

Janowiecki, M, Clifton, E, Avalos, A, Vargo, EL. 2019. Upper thermal tolerance of tropical and temperate termite species (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae, Termitidae): a test of the climate variability hypothesis in termites. Insectes Sociaux 67:51-57. [link]

Wagner, D, Metzler, KJ, Frye, HA. 2019. Importance of transmission line corridors for conservation of native bees and other wildlife. Biological Conservation. 235:147-156. [link]