Grad Student Awards

This page lists professional awards received by EEB graduate students in recognition of their research excellence or service contributions.

Eliza Grames. 2020. Student Presentation Award. International Statistical Ecology Conference.

Tanner Matson. 2019. Audience Choice and 2nd Place Presentation Award. Entomological Society of America.

Rebecca Colby. 2019. 100 Years of Women Scholarship Award. University of Connecticut.

Jack Phillips. 2019. Best Student Paper. Division of Vertebrate Morphology, Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology.

Jack Phillips. 2019. Best Student Presentation. Herpetological Association of Africa.

Jack Phillips. 2019. Honorable Mention, Seibert Award. Joint Meetings of Icthyology and Herpetology.

Anna Sjodin. 2019. EC Pielou Award. Statisitcal Ecology Section, Ecology Society of America.

Tanisha Williams. 2019. Best Poster Award. Ecology Section, 2019 Botany Conference.

Georgia Hernández-Corrales. 2019. Environmental Leadership Award. University of Connecticut.

Cera Fisher. 2018. Student Poster Award. European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology.

Jacob Kasper. 2018. Best Student Poster, Northeastern Division, American Fisheries Society.

Eileen Schub. 2018. Student Presentation Award, Physiological Section, Botanical Society of America.