Financial Support for EEB Grads

Information for all applicants

All applicants who are admitted to the research-based M.S. and Ph.D. degrees are awarded a graduate assistantship or fellowship. This support is intended to provide full financial support, including a tuition waiver and access to health insurance, for the expected duration of the degree program. (Applicants should indicate that they are applying for financial support by checking the appropriate box on the graduate school application form.)

All applicants are strongly encouraged to express interest in all internal fellowships for which they are eligible by checking the appropriate boxes on the application form; the departmental Graduate Admissions and Awards Committee then selects nominees for consideration by the Graduate School.

UConn presently has three internal graduate fellowship programs; You can learn more about these fellowships here:

  • the Jorgensen Fellowship for PhD applicants
  • the Harriott Fellowship for PhD applicants
  • the Crandall Fellowship for MS applicants

Applicants are also encouraged to pursue outside fellowship support, such as National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships (NSF GRFP).

All admitted applicants are offered an academic-year Graduate Assistantship (GA), usually in the form of a Teaching Assistantship (TA). These awards include a stipend, a full tuition waiver, a partial fee waiver, and eligibility for highly subsidized health and dental insurance. Applicants may also be awarded a Research Assistantship (RA), typically to conduct grant-sponsored research in the lab of their major advisor. Graduate Assistants belong to the Graduate Employee Union.

Current and projected rates for GA stipends are given here. Information about GA health insurance can be found here.

Some students may be eligible for federal financial aid.

Additional information for international applicants

In order to be awarded a Teaching Assistantship, international applicants must meet English proficiency requirements. These requirements are set by the University, and cannot be altered by the Department. More information on the English proficiency requirement, and how it can be satisfied, is available here. The Department’s policy is to only admit students for whom it can provide support. Students who do not meet the English proficiency requirements may be admitted if they receive outside fellowship support (e.g., through their home country) covering the full cost of attendance, or if their advisor is able to offer a Research Assistantship.