DEI Activities in EEB

SEEDS (Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity, and Sustainability): UConn’s SEEDS chapter strives to increase the participation of people of color and first generation college students to establish equity in the field of ecology. Contact Sarah Knutie for more information.

EEB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Through a generous donation, EEB has created a summer research fund to support students from underrepresented groups to gain research experience. Up to $5000 is available (per student), and funds can be used for salary, travel, or other research expenses. Contact Cory Merow for more information.

EEB and Racism class: in 2020, the department ran a graduate seminar course on the ways in which racism relates to the field of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. We anticipate that this seminar will be repeated every couple of years, based on student demand. Contact Chris Elphick for more information.

DEI Book Club: members of EEB have formed an informal book club to read and discuss books relating to DEI. Contact Dipanjana Dalui for more information.

Social Ecology Workshop: SEW provided an informal virtual space to discuss issues relating to racism, bias, and other difficult social justice issues, primarily in response to current events during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Future discussion sessions and activities will be ad hoc. Contact Nick Boston or Beth Barbeau for more information.