Have comments, concerns, or suggestions about EEB DEI content or something you would like addressed by the EEB department related to DEI? All are welcome!

Feel free to use either the form or email the associated contacts below directly with DEI comments, concerns, or suggestions. In the form associated with each contact, you have the option of either including your name and email or remaining anonymous.

For other concerns, or those you don't feel comfortable bringing to either of the above contacts, reach out to the UConn Ombuds Office: it provides “a confidential, neutral resource for staff, faculty, and graduate students to express concerns, identify options to address workplace conflicts, facilitate productive communication, and surface responsible concerns regarding university policies and practices.

If you need to report an incident, use UConn INFORM - "InForm is a tool to help the UConn community navigate the reporting process and support available for a variety of incidents including bias, harassment, safety concerns, and other types of misconduct. InForm is available to anyone coming into contact with UConn, including students, faculty, staff, visitors, and community members who have a concern to report, including bystanders."


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