EEB B.S./M.S. Application Process

There are several ways to apply for the program and potential applicants should choose the route that applies best to them. If you are unsure which route is most appropriate please contact the program coordinator. All routes require that you be accepted by both the EEB department and the UConn Graduate School. This situation is similar to most graduate programs, but usually the application to both the department and graduate school happens simultaneously. Routes 1 and 2, below, allow you to apply to the department before your senior year, allowing you to enter the program earlier than the Graduate School would normally allow. If you take one of these routes you will still need to apply to the Graduate School in your senior year.

Route 1: “Early-career” students.  Students who are early in their academic career (students who are not yet in their 4th semester) should submit a personal statement explaining why they are interested in the program and describing their career goals and a copy of their grades to date to the program coordinator. The coordinator will review these materials and will maintain a list of interested students. Once these students reach the end of their Sophomore year they should submit a complete application for full consideration by the program admissions committee (see Route 2). The department makes no firm commitment to students until their applications have been accepted by the program admissions committee. By making a provisional application via this first route, however, students will receive information about any program developments, and will have an opportunity to interact with other students and faculty involved in the program.

Route 2: “Mid-career” students.  Undergraduate students who are in at least their 4th semester should submit a complete application for the program. This will include a personal statement, transcripts, and letters of reference (see the EEB department’s website for prospective graduate students). Qualified students will be invited to an interview with members of the program admissions committee. Based on the interview and application materials, the committee will select students to enter the program. Acceptance at this stage means that students have met the specific requirements of the EEB department. To qualify for the M.S. degree, students will need to maintain good standing within the department and will need to meet the requirements of the graduate school. Students should formally apply for entry into the graduate school immediately prior to their last year in the program.

Route 3: “Late-career” students.  Students who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree, or who expect to do so in the near future (i.e., final semester students) should apply, just as any other prospective EEB graduate student would, to the EEB program and the graduate school (see the EEB department’s website for prospective graduate students). These students will receive only the M.S. degree and will be considered graduate students throughout their tenure in the program.

Currently we are accepting applications once a year. Applications must be received by January 10.

Application materials for graduate study at the University of Connecticut are available via the EEB department’s website for prospective graduate students.

If you are unsure which application route applies to you, or have other questions, please email the program coordinator.